I am Amit Chauhan, a seasoned investor, and multipreneur with an uncanny ability to convert ideas into profitable businesses. An avid marathoner passionate about adventure travel.

Akounto, an online accounting & bookkeeping software, and Nutra, a payment gateway, are a couple of my ongoing businesses. Fig at Museo is one of my recent investments as an Angel Investor.

I manage very high-budget paid marketing campaigns single-handedly. Over the last 3 years, I have managed campaigns with an overall performance marketing budget of more than 10 million USD. I have handpicked and groomed a very strong middle management to take care of all my different ventures. Generating leads via internet marketing and converting the leads into sales via call center operations is one of my organization’s core competencies. A couple of my businesses create passive income streams via real estate and ancillary activities.



Amit Chauhan

Multipreneur & Investor | Sports Enthusiast | Marathoner | Thought Leader. https://iamitchauhan.com/